New Papio Creek Crawfish Products!

We just got finished putting up our 2015 Louisiana crawfish juice and baits this past week and wanted to let you know about it! 

We are really excited about the new early-to-mid-season smooth and chunky crawfish baits (I must have been craving peanut butter the day we named them!)

Colorful, aromatic and fresh, fresh, fresh! I swear some of those little guys and gals were still squirming around when we put them in the jars (snort.)

And don't forget to pick up some crawfish juice -- great for trailing, pocket sets, flat sets, dirt hole sets and water sets. Freeze proof so you can use it all season. 

Limited quantities -- we won't get any more until next year -- so don't say I didn't warn ya. 

And if you are interested in larger quantities, give us a call for pricing.

'Til next time, Shane

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Limited Time Offer: Springtime Price Reduction on Selected Dirt Hole Augers

Just in time for planting spring bulbs and garden plants...

Papio Creek is having a Spring Sale on selected dirt hole augers 

in our ebay store

 Turns any cordless drill into a hole-digging dynamo! 

Get yours while supplies last!

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Papio Creek Bliss Piss Lure does it again!

Congratulations to Will S. from O'Neill, Nebraska on his fourth coyote 
(this one caught on Papio Creek Bliss Piss Meat Lure.) 

Thank you dad Matt for sending us the photo and good luck Will on the rest of your season!

: : :

A Friendly Reminder...

Don't forget to renew your Fur Harvester Permit today! 

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Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Shane and Nancy Claeys


Hooked on Trapping!

Thanks Shane for being so helpful and generous. The boys are hooked into trapping. Your baits are working excellent. 

 Steve Zagozda Eli, Hunter, Asher and Mason. 

Thank you for sharing your boys' smiles! ~Shane