Catching Badger with Papio Creek Magnum Power Clips

Papio Creek Magnum Power Clips available in our ebay store.

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Papio Creek Dirt Hole Augers Demonstration

Papio Creek Dirt Hole Augers available now in our ebay store.

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New Product: Papio Creek Hole Git'r - Punch Holes for Pocket, Flat, Elbow Sets in mud, clay, snow!

Available in 1.5" and 2.25" diameters. 

Punch 1.50" or 2.25"W X 6"L holes in mud, clay, soft ground, pond-river banks, snow drifts with ease!

Papio Creek 1.50" and 2.25" Hole Git'r Hole Maker for Trap Sets - Tee Handle - 6" Cylinder - 36" Overall Length

For elbow sets, ledge pockets, flat sets, pocket sets, pre-season hole set locations in wet creek beds, mud and snow.

3' reach for hooking drowning wire and traps.

Effortless, quick and easy on your back!
  • All Steel Construction
  • 7/16" Thick Shaft
  • 5" Tee Handle
  • 6" Angled Cylinder
  • 36" Overall Length
  • Proudly Made in USA

Visit our ebay store for more information and to purchase. 

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Keeping busy during the off-season.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Skins

As the wife of a trapper, you just never know what's being put up during the off-season.

I wandered into the trapping shed the other morning to find these rattlesnake skins. 

 There's definitely a story behind this image 

-- and as a Trapper's wife 

-- ignorance is indeed bliss in this particular situation.

I don't wanna know.

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How are you keeping yourself busy these days?

New! Magnum Power Clip 110 Body Grip Trap Placement Conversion Kit

New Product from Papio Creek:   
Magnum Power Clip 110 Body Grip Trap Placement Conversion Kit

Easily convert single spring 110 body grip traps (with 1/2" rivet length) to fit on any pole 7/16" or less in diameter.
  1. Remove trap rivet.
  2. Insert bolt throught center clip hole.
  3. Continue to feed bolt through trap rivet hole.
  4. Place washer over bolt end.
  5. Tighten nut until bolt end is flush with nut.
  6. Feed pole through clip holes.
  7. You're done!
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  • Lightweight and portable.
  • For above water, under water, ice, land, pocket, trail sets.
  • Great for muskrat, mink, skunk, opossum, rabbit, squirrel.
  • Fits any pole 7/16" or less in diameter;
  • 360 degree directional trap placement.
  • Fits 110 Body Grip Traps with 1/2" rivet length.
When using short pole for placement, chain is attached to secure achor point, stake, drag, etc...
Traps sold separately.

Price: $10.75 plus $6.35 Priority Mail Shipping

Kentucky Critters Go Down with Papio Creek Baits and Lures

Congratulations to Cody Beckham of Kentucky 
who had great success with Papio Creek Fur Git'r Lure, Coon Git'r 1 and Coon Git'r 2 Baits, 

All animals trapped in Kentucky. 

Thanks Cody for sharing your photo with us 
and good luck in the coming trapping season. 

(Video) Winter Coyote Sets Parts 1 and 2

Ride along with Shane and Sioux as they check his winter coyote trapline... 

Part 1

Part 2

Trapper News from North Pole, Alaska

Shane and I recently received an email from Dan Eddy -- an Alaska trapper -- who had some success with our Predator Git'r Special and Mink Git'r baits.

Thank you Dan, for sharing your story and photographs... 

Hello Nancy and Shane,

Well we had a tuff season here in the interior of Alaska, our fur numbers are still down and we’re hoping that they will continue to come back next season. None the less, we still had a fairly good season and we believe a lot of that is because of your baits and lures.

We used Predator Gitr Special in our wolf and wolverine gang sets and we were surprised at the volume and diversity of fur that came to the sets.  Even though we had very slim numbers of critters compared to normal numbers in the past, Predator Gitr Special brought them in!

Not only did we hook up wolf and wolverine, we also caught lynx and marten using Predator Gitr Special. We also had success using Mink Gitr 1&2 picking up the few mink we had along the rivers. 

We believe that your products helped us during a very dismal season and we’re looking forward to using your lures when the numbers are back up. (If there is such a thing)

I’ve included a couple of pictures of our catches, thanks for helping us through a trying season! We’re really looking forward to using your lure during bear season! 

Dan Eddy
North Pole, Alaska

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