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Kansas Coyote Caught with Papio Creek Black Angus Bait

Thanks to Ben Vigness in Kansas for sending us this awesome shot of his coyote caught with Papio Creek Black Angus Bait. Glad we could help you out, Ben! 

Papio Creek Black Angus #1 (early season) and Black Angus #2 (late season)
available in our ebay store

2017 Nebraska Fur Harvesters Convention Information


Spring Giveaway!

You can enter on our Facebook Page -- Like and Share to enter. A random entrant will be chosen on Sunday, June 17, 2017. 

A $150 retail value if purchased separately -- here's what you can win:

 8 Ounce Baits:
Bliss Git'r 1 Bait
Bliss Git'r 2 Bait
Yote 1 Bait
Yote 2 Bait
Predator Git'r Special
Ground Crawfish
Mink Git'r 1
Mink Git'r 2
Coon Git'r 1
Ground Fish
Fox Git'r 1
Fox Git'r 2
Urines and Lures:
Red Fox Urine
Rabbit Urine
Buck's Juice for Canines (New)
Bliss Piss Fish Lure
Bliss Piss Meat Lure
Fish Juice
Fur Git'r 1 Lure
Purr Cat Lure
Skunk-It Lure (New)
Viper Lure
1 Pair PVC Unlined Elasticized Cuff Gauntlets 27"
1 Pair Latex Coated Skinning Gloves
15" Waterproof Trapper's Bait Bag

Good luck and thanks for stopping by! 

Another Satisfied Customer

Thank you Andy for sharing your success story!
(Fur trapping in shorts... must be nice!)

Shane & Nancy @ Papio Creek

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our house to yours...

may you have a blessed holiday. 

Shane, Nancy, Buck and Sioux

Gift Certificate Redemption Notice

If you won a coded coupon or gift certificate from Papio Creek at a recent trapping event or convention, please call us at 402-278-1842 to redeem.

The website associated with these promotions has been redirected to our ebay store. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience. Shane & Nancy

Huge Bait Sale - All 16 Ounce Baits Convention-Priced Through September!

Can't make it to "the convention?" 

That's okay -- we are bringing our yearly 16 ounce bait sale to you -- no matter where you be! 

All Papio Creek 16 ounce trapping baits are $10.00 through the end of September until further notice.

That's a 20% savings on each product! 

Visit our ebay store here to view our large collection of quality early-to-late-season trapping baits.

Papio Creek Baits -- Guaranteed to Put Paws On Your Pans! (TM) 

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