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New Product: Papio Creek Hole Git'r - Punch Holes for Pocket, Flat, Elbow Sets in mud, clay, snow!

Available in 1.5" and 2.25" diameters. 

Punch 1.50" or 2.25"W X 6"L holes in mud, clay, soft ground, pond-river banks, snow drifts with ease!

Papio Creek 1.50" and 2.25" Hole Git'r Hole Maker for Trap Sets - Tee Handle - 6" Cylinder - 36" Overall Length

For elbow sets, ledge pockets, flat sets, pocket sets, pre-season hole set locations in wet creek beds, mud and snow.

3' reach for hooking drowning wire and traps.

Effortless, quick and easy on your back!
  • All Steel Construction
  • 7/16" Thick Shaft
  • 5" Tee Handle
  • 6" Angled Cylinder
  • 36" Overall Length
  • Proudly Made in USA

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