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3 - Auger Set Now Available in our Ebay Store

Now offering (3) Papio Creek augers in one convenient set.

You will receive:

(1) 2" X 3" Auger
(1) 3" X 4" Auger
(1) 4" X 6" Auger


For Trappers:
These augers are just the ticket for land trappers wanting to speed up their setting time. Drills a perfectly straight and round hole up to 15" deep in most soil conditions. Tough-as-nails round shaft provides a no-slip grip on any 1/2" chucked electric or cordless drill. 

Sharp auger flighting with angle tip is welded to sturdy bar stock round shaft and will dig into the hardest ground. Auger length is 15".

For Gardeners, Landscapers, Homeowners, Do-it-yourselfers:
The fastest, easiest way to plant bulbs, seedlings, windbreak trees, shrubs, bedding and garden plants! Turn your power drill into a powerful digger. Simply attach this heavy-duty steel auger to any chucked drill and dig hundreds of holes in a fraction of the time it would take with a conventional bulb planter, trowel or shovel.
No more aching back muscles --buy these powerful augers today!
Drill not included.

Helpful Hints:
Tighten the chuck securely after inserting auger.
The auger will spin on top of the ground and not penetrate the soil if your drill is in reverse gear. The auger will not seem to dig at all if the drill is in reverse.
Hold the auger straight up and down when digging soil.
Start with the lowest possible gear setting on your drill and hold the drill with both hands.
Always wear safety goggles.

You may purchase this auger set in our ebay store.  

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