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2014 Nebraska Fur Trapper Education Class

Although the 2014 Trapper Education Class is now in the history books, I did want to take some time to thank Mr. Eric Stane and Mr. Wynn Hall for inviting me to participate as an instructor in the Trapper Education Class that was held in Springfield, Nebraska on September 14, 2014.

The event included both classroom time and hands-on trapping demonstrations conducted by veteran trappers.

Fourteen lucky attendees learned a wealth of information about coon, mink, fox, coyote, beaver and muskrat trapping by volunteers.  Baits, lures, traps and accessories were discussed for both land and water trapping scenarios.

All kids under 16 received a free trap and there was a raffle for plenty of great baits and lures. Lunch was provided and there was no charge for the class.

Two classes are planned for 2015 -- probably in late August, in Schuyler and Broken Bow, Nebraska. I'll let you all know more details as they become available.

Thanks again to Eric and Wynn for putting on such a great class and inviting me to participate. I hope to be a part of it next year as well.