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A Tale of Two Trappers by John Wagner


"I met Shane this year at the ITA (Iowa Trapper's Association) convention. We talked and chatted for awhile feeling each other out. Real trappers know real trappers.

I decided to give Shane's crawfish bait a try this fall. After I got home I realized I had grabbed the wrong pail of bait and before I could call him, Shane called me. That was truly a top notch act there to admit a mistake.

I ran his winter blend this fall in PVC sets and dog proofs, both with good results. We had 53 coon our opening check and as of our tenth check we are well over 400 coon.

We run a mixed bag water line but every test we have put his bait through it has caught coon. Top bait and top fella to deal with!"

~John Wagner
November 18, 2015

John, we are thrilled with your success using our crawfish bait. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and story -- it means alot to us! Best of luck with the rest of your season. 

Shane and Nancy