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Spring Giveaway!

You can enter on our Facebook Page -- Like and Share to enter. A random entrant will be chosen on Sunday, June 17, 2017. 

A $150 retail value if purchased separately -- here's what you can win:

 8 Ounce Baits:
Bliss Git'r 1 Bait
Bliss Git'r 2 Bait
Yote 1 Bait
Yote 2 Bait
Predator Git'r Special
Ground Crawfish
Mink Git'r 1
Mink Git'r 2
Coon Git'r 1
Ground Fish
Fox Git'r 1
Fox Git'r 2
Urines and Lures:
Red Fox Urine
Rabbit Urine
Buck's Juice for Canines (New)
Bliss Piss Fish Lure
Bliss Piss Meat Lure
Fish Juice
Fur Git'r 1 Lure
Purr Cat Lure
Skunk-It Lure (New)
Viper Lure
1 Pair PVC Unlined Elasticized Cuff Gauntlets 27"
1 Pair Latex Coated Skinning Gloves
15" Waterproof Trapper's Bait Bag

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!